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Residential Design

Our execution for Residential Projects where your Home should be a reflection of your personality and lifestyle. Plan the practicality and combine the Families energies for a soulful experience. We have our Strengths in Both Concept Design and Flawless Execution and Project Management.


Office Design

Making sure your office is a productive yet inviting place to work is not an easy task. From the layout to the interior design to getting the correct ambience, everyone has different ideas on what an office should look like in order to work well. With Sensible layouts, Spacious design, Adequate break facilities and Comfort

Retail Design

Our ideas for retail design where savvy retailers need to be aware of what is often called the “decompression zone”. Brands and retailers should consider the path they want their customers to take around the store, and assess how merchandising, point of sale and wayfinding techniques can be employed to aid this journey.

Our Process

  • Client Brief
  • Layout Options
  • Concept Design
  • Freeze Designs, Specs & Material Selection
  • Project Execution and Management
  • Quality Checks and Handover

Here we along with Client, help describe their overall brand persona, and define the end result they expect. It is a blueprint for the project that helps synchronize all stakeholders involved in the project and bring cohesiveness to the group.

Multiple Floor layouts combinations and optimum utilization of Space.

We help invoke a visual theme or a specific mood by strategically using color, space and style in tandem.

To help with a smooth Execution of Project the above steps have to be followed and a Benchmark for execution to be set.

Strong Management of the Execution Process , Integrating the different Complex Packages into a Single Point of Contact , This process is turning your Visualization into Reality.

Our detailed Quality Assurance Checks on the Specifications set , Complete handover alongwith User MAnuals and Warranty Documents.

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